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Woman arrested for mistreating a toll plaza worker in Dadri de la UP | Noida News

NOIDA: A 28-year-old woman was arrested on Monday for allegedly assaulting a toll plaza worker in Dadri of Uttar Pradesh, who would not let his vehicle pass without checking IDs. The assault on the working woman was caught on CCTV and has gone viral on social media.
The defendant has been identified Chanchal28 years old, from bulandshahr. She was traveling in a black Verna car with her husband, Kuldeep.
Authorities said the car which was headed for Sikandrabad and had been stopped at the Luharli toll booth, which falls under the jurisdiction of the dadri police station.

“Around 10am Monday, TC Sonam stopped the car at the tollbooth. The man who was driving claimed to be from the nearby hridaypur villagesaid Vineet Singh, who is in charge of the toll plaza. This meant that the car would be exempt from paying toll fees.
“To verify this, Sonam asked the driver to provide identification, but he refused. She asked several times, but the driver and his wife refused and began to insult her. The woman then got out of the car and went into the driver’s cabin. tollbooth and hit Sonam, who suffered serious injuries,” he added.
Videos of the incident captured by CCTV at the toll plaza show Chanchal getting out of the car and entering the toll booth, speaking to Sonam in an intimidating manner. Chanchal then grabs Sonam by her hair and continues to threaten her. She also presses on her face and then pulls her hard causing Sonam to fall off her chair and onto the floor. Chanchal’s husband and some of the toll booth guards take Chanchal away. Outside, the pair continue to argue with the tollbooth workers, then return to the car.
“The toll worker did well not to retaliate and a call was made to the police from the square. We have advised them never to associate with such people,” said ACP Sarthak Sengar.
It added that the defendant has been charged under sections 323 (Punishment for Willful Harm) and 504 (Intentional Insult with Intent to Cause Disruption of the Peace) of the Indian Penal Code.

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