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What are the cheapest states to buy used cars? | business news

One of the exciting things about buying a car is that it changes dramatically by region. For the overall winner, New Hampshire is one of the best states in the Northeast. This is why:

– A low number of additional fees and taxes associated with used vehicle purchases

– You are exempt from paying sales tax

– Registration fees are cheap (at most $18 per thousand of total sales)

– New Hampshire has low insurance premiums, averaging $870 per year

– The low average annual cost of ownership of the vehicle

This is great news for New Hampshire residents ready to buy a new car and for anyone planning to move to or visit the state soon.

According to US News, when you look at the 10 cheapest states for auto insurance, it’s no surprise to see New Hampshire as one of the most affordable states for buying used cars.

1. $865 in Maine

2. $870 in New Hampshire

3. $886 in Ohio

4. $991 in Virginia

5. $998 in Wisconsin

6. $1,010 in Idaho

7. $1,018 in North Carolina

8. $1,063 in Vermont

9. $1,068 in Indiana

10. $1,071 in Iowa


Total cost is one of the most important factors to consider during the car buying process. Since the price of vehicles varies significantly by state, researching and understanding the facts will be to the advantage of serious buyers. Florida offers the lowest upfront costs for buying used cars in the entire country. Florida starting rates are generally relatively cheaper than the national average in the United States, ultimately saving you money on your purchase.

Florida is the second best overall place to buy a used vehicle in the United States. Although registration fees and sales tax are a bit higher than in other states, the overall savings are greater. Due to their large population, they can provide many alternatives.

When considering geographic advantages, keep in mind that approximately 20% of Floridians are over the age of 65. This will cause more people to sell vehicles in good condition that are rarely used. We know that people tend to drive less as they get older, and having one of the oldest populations in the country leads to better choices for used car buyers.

Aside from the geographic benefits to Florida, most vehicles sold have seen little to no snow. Because the frames and lower body components are rarely exposed to the salt used to melt snow, they are often in excellent condition. That means that even for robust and economical cars like Hondas, already widely known for their longevity, good weather can help them stay on the road longer, really maximizing the value of your purchase.


Oregon is one of the cheapest states to buy used cars because it has the lowest unexpected rates in the country. For example, Oregon’s document processing fee is capped at $150 ($115 if the dealer does not use an integrator) with dealer fees averaging $61. By comparison, Florida has an average documentation fee of $670 and unexpected fees that can be as high as $1,800.

While Oregon may seem like more than just an affordable used car state, consumers can save by considering the many fees associated with buying cars.

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