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Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Violence in Manipur: Former Puducherry MP Kannan resigns from BJP | Puducherry News

PUDUCHERRY: Former member of Congress P Kannanwho joined the BJP in 2021, resigned from the party on Saturday to protest human rights violations and crimes against women in Manipur, a country affected by riots and ruled by the saffron party.

In a statement on Saturday, Kannan condemned incidents of violence and cruelty against women in Manipur.
“I have no words to condemn cruelty against women. I hereby officially declare that I have no connection or contact with the BJP. My fight for ordinary people will continue forever,” she said.

Demanded the president’s government in Manipur, where incidences of human rights violations and crimes against women are on the rise. She lamented that incidents of a violent mob stripping two tribal women naked and parading them naked came to light after a video of the incident was widely shared on social media platforms two and a half months later.
He described the act as barbaric and against all civilization and culture of any race or community anywhere in the world. He said that the incidents in Manipur are not only a shame for Indians but for all of humanity as a whole and women in particular.
“No one in the state government or the central government can hold their heads up. Instead, they must accept the great offense against women in our country and immediately put the Manipur government under the rule of the president,” she said.

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