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Vande Mataram: Won’t Sing Vande Mataram: Samajwadi MLA Abu Asim Azmi Party Arouses Controversy | indian news

MUMBAI: Samajwadi Party lawmaker Abu Asim Azmi sparked a political controversy Wednesday by making a statement in the state assembly that he would “never sing Vande Mataram.” He said that his religion did not allow him to bow down to anyone, not even his mother.
The statement caused pandemonium in the lower house of the state legislature with MLAs, especially those from the ruling caucuses, demanding his removal from official records and others calling for Azmi’s ouster. The Chamber was suspended for 10 minutes by the president of the assembly Raúl Narvekar between shouts of slogans.
Azmi raised a motion of attention on an incident in Aurangabad. He said that on March 29, “after loud slogans near the Ram temple in Aurangabad, the police arrived and dispersed the youths who had gathered there. However, later again 20 young people came shouting ‘agar it is desh main rehna hoga, Vande Mataram kehna hoga’”. Then he said: “We only believe in Allah. Our religion does not allow us to bow down to anyone and therefore we cannot sing Vande Mataram.”
MP CM Fadnavis later said Azmi’s comments were “inappropriate” as millions of people in India “admired Vande Mataram, the national song”. Addressing Azmi, he said: “What religion can say that one should not bow down to his mother? No faith says that. Your faith doesn’t say that either.” Fadnavis added: “Vande Mataram is not a religious song nor is it related to prayer or ritual. Our Constitution has granted it the category of national song. Azmi shouldn’t hurt the feelings of millions of people by misinterpreting things.

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