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Uber offers drivers free tablets to earn more from ad revenue sharing

Ride-sharing company Uber is offering free tablets to help its drivers earn more from ad revenue sharing.

Free tablets for Uber drivers

Uber is offering in-car tablets for eligible drivers who use the Uber platform. With a tablet in the car, drivers could expect to earn a revenue share for any non-Uber ads shown to passengers on a ride. Uber also hopes that on-screen tip reminders presented to passengers will help increase tips given to drivers.

Who gets the tablets?

In-car tablets are available to drivers who complete an average of 300 trips per month. Drivers must also maintain a minimum rating of 4.84 stars and have been driving with Uber for a minimum of three months. The vehicle must have an adjustable headrest and a USB charging point.

Do they cost anything?

In-car tablets are free for eligible drivers who meet the above criteria. No security payment or any other payment is required. Drivers who stop using the Uber platform will need to return the tablet. Uber will provide a free return box and shipping label.

What is displayed on the tablets?

Passengers will be shown a combination of ads based on their travel destination and personalized content. The ads will be similar to the ones riders see on the Uber app. Content may include the status of your Uber trip, driver profile, nearby attractions, and other information designed to enhance the in-vehicle experience.

What’s in it for drivers? Winning?

Having a free Uber tablet installed in your car can help drivers earn additional revenue share for any non-Uber ads shown to riders on a ride. Uber also hopes that on-screen tip reminders will increase the amount drivers receive in tips.

You can see more information about in-car tablets for Uber drivers here.

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