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Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Top trends and brands to watch out for in 2023

Amrit Richmond is an independent strategist who consults with brands, investors and technology companies on consumer packaged goods information and market research through Supermercato. She is also a co-organizer of Indie CPG which creates content and community for founders of food, beverage and wellness brands.

Despite the many challenges emerging brands are currently facing, she is optimistic about the year ahead.

“Retailers are finally incorporating new innovations in the last six months, brands with marketable products are quietly funding themselves, and coupled with inflation, consumers continue to prioritize healthier products that make them smile, are a pure nostalgic delight. and/or help they go through the day like a superhero sidekick, something to help us wake up, keep our energy up, wind down in the afternoon or help us sleep,” she said.

In this episode of Well Fed by Food Entrepreneurhe provides insight into the product trends that will pick up steam in 2023, including what he described as “functional nostalgia,” sophisticated non-alcoholic beverages, and a continuation of collaborations and co-branded launches.

He also shares highlights from the Winter Fancy Food Show, which took place January 15-17 in Las Vegas. In addition, it offers tactical information on product development, fundraising, and channel strategy.

“Retail should be a growth engine, not a last resort,” he said.

Tune in to this episode of Well Fed by Food Entrepreneur for an insightful discussion of the food trends and brands to watch this year.

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