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Tickling, Loud Music and Rain Caused a Jaguar Crash Killing 9 in Ahmedabad | Ahmedabad News

Ahmedabad: Teen Driver Tathya Patel and his friends were reportedly engrossed in boisterous activities inside his father’s house. Jaguar SUV, even tickling each other and playing loud music while racing down the road, leading to distraction and eventual accident at the Iskcon flyover in Ahmedabad that claimed nine lives after midnight on Thursday.

Police said on Saturday that reckless behavior by 19-year-old Tathya and her friends, three girls and two boys, resulted in the Jaguar spun out of control and crashed into a group of people gathered on the rain-soaked flyover to verify another accident that had occurred shortly before when a 16-year-old boy crashed his father’s Mahindra Thar into a dump truck.


ISKCON Bridge Carnage: Driver Tathya Patel Arrested Over Deadly Car Crash In Ahmedabad That Claimed 9 Lives

Tathya confessed during interrogation that he and his friends were traveling from the Karnavati Club to the Rajpath Club when the accident occurred. They were enjoying their trip, paying no attention to the crowd that had gathered after the previous accident. The needle on the SUV was supposedly around 100 km/h.
Due to the combination of rainy weather and inadequate lighting on the flyover, visibility was limited, further exacerbating the situation, a traffic policeman said. Tathya also cited the challenging visibility conditions as a contributing factor, claiming that he was unable to spot the crowd in time to apply the brakes effectively.

In an effort to determine the likely speed of the collision, traffic police reconstructed the entire sequence of events on Saturday using the same models of the pickup truck and dump truck involved in the initial collision. crash and the Jaguar responsible for the second fatal accident.

Initial forensic analysis indicates that Tathya was driving at a speed of approximately 120 km/h on an overpass with a speed limit of only 40 km/h. Tathya’s statement regarding his speed has been inconsistent throughout. “When the crowd hit him, he said that he was driving 120 km/h, but then altered his count, stating that he was within the allowed limit,” an officer said.

Look ISKCON Bridge Carnage: Driver Tathya Patel Arrested Over Deadly Car Crash In Ahmedabad That Claimed 9 Lives

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