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Rebranding at Tate & Lyle includes a new logo

LONDON — Tate & Lyle, PLC has had a name change, including a new logo, typeface, new imagery and a new narrative: science, solutions, partnership, the London-based company said Jan. 31.

“Our commitment to science, solutions and society was born from a deep understanding of our purpose: to transform lives through food science,” said Nick Hampton, CEO. “After all, everything Tate & Lyle does is rooted in science. It is through R&D and innovation, our understanding of food science, that we have the greatest impact, not only by supporting healthy living through our ingredients and solutions, but by growing our business , we can also have a broader positive impact on our communities and the planet.”

The ampersand played a role in the rebranding.

“As design work evolved, we soon discovered the incredible power of having a ‘y,’ an ampersand, in our name,” said Helen Bass, global director of marketing and information. “Not only is it distinctive, but it communicates that Tate & Lyle can and does bring more. Shows an ongoing curiosity and quest to solve challenges, go the extra mile, and exceed their own expectations and those of others in the wider world. Therefore, the ‘power of y’ became a key part of the design.”

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