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Pak Embassy: Soldier Sentenced to 10 Years in Prison for Passing Border Information to Pakistan | indian news

NEW DELHI: Crack down on a soldierwho was caught passing secret information to a Pakistani embassy staff member in the national capital about military activities along northern borders, an army court-martial has given more than 10 years cell sentence to him.

The court-martial headed by a female officer handed down a 10-year and 10-month prison sentence to the soldier who was caught feeding secret information to a Pakistani spy, defense officials said.
The soldier was in contact with one Abid Husain alias Naik Abid, a Pakistani citizen working at the High Commission for the Islamic Republic of Pakistan in the Indian national capital.

The list of documents provided by the soldier to the enemy spy agency included the watch roster of the formation where he was deployed, along with the activities of his own formation.
The soldier also tried to pass on information related to the vehicles in the formation along with the vehicle movement list in view of the Covid lockdown.
The soldier only had access to trivial information.
The Army practices zero tolerance for such acts and exemplary punishment has been handed out to the guilty, they said.
The punishment granted by the court martial to the soldier would be subject to confirmation by the competent higher authorities.

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