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Neil Bhatt: I don’t let popularity and failure get to me

The success of a program does not define Neil BhattThe journey of as an artist. The reason why he was not surprised by the news of his departure from Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin(GHKPM) after being a part of it for two and a half years. He says, “A story change was needed for the show to get much-needed momentum. Although I wasn’t expecting a time jump, I wasn’t surprised by the development as I had a hunch something major was in the offing. Somehow, I don’t react from the space of the shock. GHKPM has given me enough to be satisfied, and I don’t believe in staying longer than expected (smiles). I’d rather leave a show on a high than stay until the audience gets bored with my track. I miss being a part of the show, but it is also said that all good things come to an end.”
The actor is not attached to success. He says: “I don’t let popularity and failure get to me. After being a part of this industry for so many years and having seen the ups and downs, I have realized that success is all too fleeting. I have never been part of the numbers race. Sure, good grades boost unit morale, but I don’t let it get to me. If my happiness depends on the ratings, I won’t be able to act because my emotions will change every Thursday. I avoid letting the ratings or success decide the course for me, since I do not enjoy working under pressure.

Neil with his wife, actress Aishwarya Sharma

On the personal front, the actor married his GHKPM co-actor. Aishwarya Sharma in November 2021. Ask him if the couple plans to go the family path anytime soon, and he replies, “Who doesn’t want a whole family? That’s the plan somewhere in the future. We have discussed it, but for now, we are concentrating on our races. We have discussed it.”

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