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Nadda: JP Nadda attacks opposition, says they have no neta, niyat or niti | indian news

NEW DELHI: The buildup of allies by the NDA ahead of their meeting on Tuesday, while useful in rebutting perceptions of the BJP’s isolation, it represents a conscious effort to complement Prime Minister Modi’s appeal with grassroots strength from allies in areas where the saffron party lacks strength of its own. Talks are also underway for the return of Telugu Desam Party and Shiromani Akali Dal, while JD(S), who was never part of the NDA, also seems interested in an alliance.
nothing He said the scope and reach of NDAs have increased over the years. The NDA constituents are optimistic about the positive impact of the Modi government’s schemes and policies, she said.
On the possibility of the former allies returning to the NDA fold, the BJP chief, while avoiding a direct answer, said the meeting will set the development agenda the NDA partners believe in. to serve and make India strong… We have not left anyone. Even with those who left NDA, we maintained a cordial relationship for the great cause of ‘sabka saath sabka vikas’”.
Calling the opposition’s attempt at unity “hollow and without substance”, Nadda called the union of Congress and other parties an “attempt to escape the Rs 20-lakh-crore corruption they have committed.” The BJP leader added: “They have no neta (leader), niyat (intention), niti (policy) and power to make a decision. This is an alliance of self-interest, hollow and without substance.”
Ravi, Senior Party Colleague Shankar Prasad joined the attack on the opposition meeting, calling it a “meeting of power-hungry opportunists who cannot do the country any good”.
Ridiculing Arvind Kejriwal, Prasad said that the Delhi CM had gone to attend the opposition parties meeting in Bangalore instead of being in the national capital to provide relief to the flood-affected people.
Both Nadda and Prasad highlighted the AAP’s presence at the Bangalore meeting to underscore their argument that the opposition’s exercise of unity is an opportunistic effort.

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