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Mob attacks Meghalaya CM Conrad Sangma meeting with Garo team | indian news

SHILLONG/GUWAHATI: A multitude of protesters threw stones unexpectedly stroke in the megalaya mini-secretariat in Shillong around 6pm on Monday when CM Conrad sangma, along with his cabinet colleague Marcusie Marak, and senior government officials were in talks with members of a Garo group to address the demand for the declaration of Tura as the winter capital of the state. At least seven policemen were injured during the confrontation.

Achik Conscious Holistically Integrated Krima (ACHIK) has sought Tura, the West Garo Hills district headquarters, as the winter capital, but the suit has faced challenges from various other groups who want Shillong to be just the capital as it is now. In addition, ACHIK sought a comprehensive review of the state’s job reservation policy.
ACHIK denied any involvement in the attack on the prime minister’s office. The group has been actively protesting for the past 13 days, with their demands focused on seeking a more inclusive and transparent negotiation process for their grievances.

In response to the escalating situation, a large contingent of police and CRPF personnel was quickly dispatched to the scene to contain the violence. In an effort to disperse the crowd of 1,000, the police had to fire tear gas canisters, causing further unrest and tension in the area. The specific reasons behind the sudden outbreak of violence have yet to be fully determined as investigations into the attack are still ongoing.
CM Sangma then expressed his deep regret at the unfortunate turn of events. He assured that the necessary legal actions will be taken in the face of the violent act.
Furthermore, in a gesture of concern and empathy for the injured police personnel, Sangma announced that they would be provided with a medical benefit of Rs 50,000. ACHIK’s main demands center on the establishment of a “just and fair winter capital policy” that ensures an equitable distribution of resources in the state.
The situation in Tura remains tense and the authorities are closely monitoring developments.

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