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Manipur issue: attack was spontaneous, no fake video, authorities say | Imphal News

GUWAHATI: The attack on the two women from B Phainom village, who paraded naked in Manipur on May 4, was spontaneous, authorities said, adding that “no fake videos” of villages burned and women raped triggered it.
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“The attackers were raiding some nine villages in the area since the night of May 3, the day the crisis in the state began. The next day this incident (women parading naked) happened,” a senior security source said, adding: “It was a spontaneous act.”
The fake video in question circulated on Twitter on 5 May and on the same day the then DGP of Manipur, P Doungel, clarified that the video allegedly of a woman being raped in Churachandpur was fake.

The video showed an image of a woman’s corpse wrapped in plastic; this was circulated as that of a woman who was sexually assaulted and murdered in Churachandpur. The video was later revealed to be of a girl who was allegedly killed by her parents and then her body was disposed of in a red bag near the Yamuna highway in Mathura in November 2022.

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