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Manipur Affair: School Burned Down, 1 Shot In New Violence; possibilities of returning to gloomy classrooms | Imphal News

GUWAHATI: The Manipur government’s order to reopen schools has faced significant challenges in violence-hit districts, the latest being that gangsters torched a school building near the Churachandpur and Bishnupur border on Saturday night amid reports of shootings between two groups in the region.

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A woman was hit by a bullet during violence in Kwakta’s Bishnupur district. She was rushed to a hospital in Imphal for treatment.

Tensions rise as shootings break out again
The situation escalated in the state, resulting in a prolonged firefight that lasted until Sunday morning. Security personnel were deployed to the area to control the situation as the day progressed, a senior police official said.

The residential school administration reported Rs 1.5 crore worth of property damage, including books, furniture and utensils. The campus had been deserted since the outbreak of violence in the state on May 3. The guard and his relatives fled fearing an attack about two weeks ago.


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“Fortunately, there was no one in the hostel on the first floor of the building. We were anticipating an attack because several houses were burned down near our campus,” said Lian Kho Thamg Vaiphei, founder and owner of Children’s Treasure High School, which has about 500 students.

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Education has been severely disrupted in Churachandpur, where schools were used to house displaced people. The recent arson attack has further complicated the possibility of reopening schools in vulnerable areas, leaving students yearning for peace to return so they can resume their studies. “We miss our teachers, friends and classes every day,” said a student from class 7.
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