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man who beheaded nurse reflected on U’khand’s visit to get rid of phone | Hyderabad News

HIDERABAD: B chandra mohanwho allegedly murdered Y Anuradha Reddy and left his severed head on a sidewalk in Malakpet, he wanted to visit Uttarakhand and leave the victim’s mobile phone there to confuse investigators.
Posing as 55-year-old Anuradha, the 48-year-old defendant sent a message via her mobile phone to her acquaintances that she was planning to undertake the ‘Char Dham’ yatra.
The defendant, who was confident that he could dispose of his body in portions, planned to go to Uttarakhand to leave his phone and give the impression that he disappeared there.
The sources said that the defendant took 20 tolas of gold and more than 7 lakhs from him. When she insisted that he return the money, the defendant initially promised to transfer her house in Chaitanyapuri to her name, but reportedly failed to fulfill her promise.
Anuradha, who was reportedly in a relationship with Mohan, decided to get married again and even released an announcement as well.
“The announcement upset Mohan even more. As she started pressing him for money and gold, she decided to eliminate her,” the police said.
After killing Anuradha on May 12 by repeatedly stabbing her, the defendant allegedly used stone-cutting machines and cut the body into pieces.
The defendant kept the severed head at his residence for two days and then abandoned it in Malakpet.
Police will question the owner of the store from whom the defendant brought the murder weapon in the next few days.
Police are also trying to track down the autorickshaw driver who was hired by the defendant to travel to the location where he left the severed head. A bus parked nearby prevented passersby from noticing anything unusual, police said.
Was GHMC health workers who alerted the police after noticing the lid in which they found the victim’s head
As the murder took place at a different location, the Malakpet police transferred the case to their Chaitanyapuri counterparts.
The accused is likely to be detained again for further questioning. A petition is likely to be filed with the relevant court in LB Nagar in the coming days.
Until the police came looking for him, the defendant was confident that he would escape from the police and was following the media reports on the case.
The victim had not been in contact with her relatives for several years.
Only after investigators informed them did they find out about the murder. The victim was a former nurse.

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