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Man beats his wife and forces her to ‘drink urine’ in Sehore, Madhya Pradesh | Bhopal News

BHOPAL: A woman in Madhya Pradesh Lord The district filed a complaint alleging severe physical assault by her husband, who also subjected her to the degrading act of forcing her to drink urine during a minor argument.
The incident occurred in the city of Sehore on Sunday night. The woman immediately filed a First Information Report (FIR) at the Mahila police station on Monday, and her husband, Mahendrda Malviya, 45, was subsequently arrested.
The harrowing video of the man assaulting her had also circulated widely on social media.
Speaking to the media, the woman revealed: “It was a recurring ordeal where he frequently assaulted me over trivial matters. However, this time, he crossed the line by not only hitting me but also dragging me into the bathroom. He collected urine from the toilet. from the toilet and forced me to drink it twice, all because I had used the word ‘tu’ (you) to address him. I immediately apologized, but he kept hitting me. I called my brother, but he verbally abused me.. Around At midnight, fearing for my life, I managed to escape by jumping over a six foot perimeter wall as he chased me with a knife. After running a short distance, I waited for my children to join me. Finally, I approached the police and filed a complaint.
Pooja Rajput, officer in charge of Mahila Police Station, said: “After the woman’s complaint, we arrested her husband, Mahendra Malviya. According to the woman’s statement, her husband had a history of physically abusing her. and pressed it to extract it”. money from her parents, this time he not only assaulted her but also subjected her to the inhumane act of drinking urine from the toilet.”

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