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Leopard Walks On Set Of TV Serial At Mumbai’s Film City And Attacks Dog | Mumbai News

MUMBAI: An adult leopard entered the Film City area in Goregaon and attacked a stray dog ​​in the presence of almost 200 people who were involved in the shooting of a TV series, ‘Ajooni’.
The leopard walked onto the sets of the television series as the crew and cast were busy with their work early Monday morning. However, with the exception of the stray dog, no humans were injured in this incident.
Sanjay Gandhi National Park Honorary Wildlife Warden Pawan Sharma said: “Leopards are known to often leave the national park (SGNP) to enter parts of Film City and also Aarey Colony, while searching for prey, such as dogs. o Domesticated birds and goats Since the grass in these regions has grown tall during the current monsoon, forest officials have initiated a program to urgently cut the grass in those areas where leopards are often seen, and also raise awareness among the locals and Film City workers to be vigilant and take necessary precautions to avoid any human-animal conflict.”
Meanwhile, the Film Workers’ Association also called on the state and forest authorities to urgently resolve the leopard issue, as in the latest leopard incident, the wild animal attacked the dog in front of more than 200 film workers. cinema present on the sets.
Maharashtra Vahtuk Sena leader Intekhab Farooqui commented: “It’s ironic that while Film City was actually built by reclaiming a part of SGNP’s forest area, we humans now want protection from the leopard, which was legitimately exploring its environment. natural”. land. Jungle animals do not understand buffer zones or man-made borders as they roam their territories. The authorities should not further reduce the national park for some more development projects.”

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