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IPL Rule Summary: The Impact Player Rule | cricket news

LPI 2023 Now it’s just around the corner, and starting with this edition, fans will be able to see a new rule that promises to make matches more exciting.
This will be the first season in which teams will be able to choose a ‘impact player‘. This will be a substitute player who can come in to both hit and pitch. The idea is to emulate what sports like soccer, basketball, etc. do, so substitutes are brought in depending on the match situation.
The new rule was announced in December of last year before the December 23 player auction.
With the 16th edition of the IPL set to kick off on March 31, TimesofIndia.com here brings you a rundown of this exciting new rule and exactly how it will work:
That:IPL impact player Ruler
When: As of IPL 2023

How will teams choose their impact player?
The teams, together with their starting XI, will have to name 4 substitute players in the draw. The Impact player will have to be chosen from this list.
Does the Impact Player always have to be an Indian player?
No. This depends entirely on how many foreign players a team has named in their Playing XI. Hypothetically, if there is an MI vs KKR match and MI have named 4 foreign players in their starting XI, then they can only bring in one Indian Impact Player. However, if KKR has named 3 or less foreign players in their playing XI, they will be allowed to bring in a foreign impact player. However, the player will have to be part of the 4 substitutes named in the draw. The reasoning behind this rule is simple: ensure that only 4 foreign players are part of a playing XI at any given time for a team. It’s a rule that has remained constant since the league began.

When can teams bring in impact players?
Teams can bring their Impact Player right at the start of the innings. The Impact Player can also be brought in at the end of an over, a wicket drop or when a batsman retires (to make way for the Impact Player). However, if the bowling side brings the Impact Player in after a wicket has fallen or after a batsman has retired, the Impact Player will not be able to complete the over that is already underway and will have to wait to bowl the over. next over. .
Can a player replaced by the Impact Player play any role later in the match?
No. A replaced player may not step onto the field once replaced, even as a substitute fielder.

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How will the IPL ensure that there are only 11 batsmen per team when an additional player i.e. the Impact Player can come in and bat?
Whenever an impact player is called in by the batting team to come in and bat, after a batsman has been dismissed or retired, one player (presumably a bowler) will not be allowed to bat.
Can an impact player brought in by the bowling side bowl 4 overs?
Yes. Regardless of how many overs a player who has been replaced by the Impact Player has bowled, the Impact Player will be able to bowl their full quota of 4 overs. What this means is that teams can strategize such that they remove a bowler who is more effective on power plays and then replace him with a bowler who can cause problems for batsmen on death overs.

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