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‘I can’t even pronounce INDIA…’: BJP leader Amit Malviya criticizes Congress Speaker Mallikarjun Kharge | indian news

NEW DELHI: The BJP mocked Congress Speaker Mallikarjun Kharge on Tuesday for failing to correctly pronounce ‘INDIA’, the new name given to the opposition alliance at today’s meeting in Bangalore.
After the meeting of 26 opposition parties, Kharge announced a new name for the alliance: Inclusive Alliance for Indian National Development. However, when mentioning the initials, he said “INDIL” instead of “INDIA”.
Sharing a video of Kharge, BJP leader Amit Malviya he tweeted: “You can see his commitment by the fact that the Speaker of Congress can’t even pronounce ‘India’!”

The BJP leader went on to say that merely changing the name will not make the opposition alliance credible and drew an analogy between the banned radical organization SIMI and the opposition group.
“SIMI was a radical organization. Its officials regrouped under a different banner, when it was banned…but regrouping under a different banner did not change the character of the members and that new organization was also eventually banned,” Amit Malviya said in a statement. Tweet
“Similarly, UPA had become synonymous with corruption and regressive politics. The same players, now regrouped under a different name, won’t make them any more believable. People will banish them to the slums, again,” he said.
Accusing opposition parties of uniting to save their dwindling territories, the BJP leader said: “In 2024, the country will elect Prime Minister Modi, the leader… The future of our country is too precious to risk. with one of the selfish, corrupt and dynastic parties”.
Calling the opposition camp a circus, Malviya also criticized opposition parties for taking credit for the new name.
Malviya tweeted: “Each party is planting news with the media about how their leader had a role in the new name. RJD upstaged the formal announcement and tweeted, only to find out later that the name had been changed. There is also a rush to take credit by Who bought AAP and Congress together, Nitish or Mamata?
“If this is the extent of the search for credit, imagine the search for rent, if they ever came to power. This alliance is a joke!”

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