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How Small Businesses Can Start

Sam Kaufman, CEO of construction on the levelbusiness coach and podcast host.

I know you’ve heard the internet gurus dozens of times.

Create content!

Hire a videographer!

Join the social networks!

While the advice is sensible and the suggestion is truly based on the best interest of your business, content creation can be daunting. There are countless ways to do it, trends to follow, and dozens and dozens of “authorities” on the subject all over social media.

The purpose of this article is to break down simple and practical steps to start making content creation a routine part of your business’s daily activities. We’ll cover where to post, how often to post, what to post, and what to do if your target demographic isn’t on social media.

Where do I post?

With so many social media platforms, it seems like every week there is a new one dominating the scene. A new platform means new rules, new trends, and a whole new process for posting. Many people seem to give up before they even get started because they are too caught up in which platform is the perfect platform.

My answer to this is simple: if you’re a small business owner and just getting started with content and social media, then the right platform is whatever platform you’re willing to post to on a daily basis.

That’s how it is. If you feel more comfortable on Instagram, then post on Instagram. If it’s Facebook, then post to Facebook. If it’s LinkedIn, well, you get the idea.

It really doesn’t matter at first. The most important thing here is the discipline of posting daily. Which answers the following question.

How often do you post?

Posting daily can seem like too much at first. But social media content really is a volume game. That is why you are choosing a platform to start with.

While the ultimate goal of your business will be to publish on most major platforms, like anything else, it’s best to start small. One platform, one daily publication.

Establish this routine for 90 days before adding your second platform. Then give him another 90 days to get used to the habit. And continue the progression.

What do you post?

This is my favorite question to answer because it is so simple yet so challenging for many people.

The best content creation advice I’ve ever been given was: Document, don’t create. People like people. We don’t need to make our businesses look bigger than they are, or hide behind perfect ads and fake content. Documenting your daily business journey is the simplest and most effective way to generate content and have it ready to post on a daily basis.

Every day there is an event, a lesson learned, a problem solved or a victory to share. Post it. Give people an authentic way to know, like, and trust your business.

What if my target demographic is not on social media?

Remember, the goal of posting content daily is not direct mail. You are building a trust, liking, and knowledge factor by documenting the life of your business. You’re giving people that may not Let your target demographic get a chance to meet you.

If your target demographic is 35-55, you’re giving everyone under 34 the ability to know who to call when they’re ready for your product and service. You are building brand awareness and credibility.

Think about the people who talk to each other and share posts that make them think of their friends and family. With a social media presence, you become an authority in the community, regardless of whether everyone watching is a customer at the time or not.

Social media content creation is the new normal for small businesses. Businesses that take the time to invest in their social media and digital brand will continue to see great results.

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