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Gwalior student killed: Student beaten by teachers for doing homework, dies in Madhya Pradesh | Bhopal News

BHOPAL: A Class 8 student studying at a private school in the Gwalior district of Madhya Pradesh has died after allegedly being physically abused by his teachers at school.
The incident took place on July 12, and the boy, who has been in a hospital ever since, died on Sunday morning.
Relatives and relatives of the deceased boy staged a school gherao on Sunday demanding justice and action against the teachers. The protest was canceled after the guarantee of senior police officers.
The grieving father, Koksingh Chouhan, alleged that his son, Krishna, was beaten with a stick by a teacher for not completing his homework. The boy was also confined to a room for 30 minutes as punishment. The entire ordeal was witnessed by the boy’s older brother, who also studies in class 9 of the same school. The boy said that his younger brother was beaten with sticks by two teachers who also forced him to imitate like a chicken.
Koksingh, who resides in Bahodapur in Gwalior, works in a private company and has three children. He said that Krishna was a happy boy, that on returning from school on July 12 he vomited and complained of paralysis in one arm and one leg. His older sister told them that Krishna was beaten by two teachers. When Koksingh approached the school, the school management advised him to take the boy to a private hospital.
‘The boy from Gwalior was assaulted by the same teachers 8 months ago’
Koksingh told police that his son had previously been assaulted by the same teachers eight months ago. At that time, Krishna had a high fever for four days and developed a fear of attending school. He said that after the incident he visited the school with a written request, urging teachers not to subject his son to physical violence. However, after a brief period, the teachers resumed their harassment, she alleged.
The father of the deceased alleged that the teachers who assaulted his son also taught training classes within the school premises and mistreated students who did not enroll in their sessions. The school is said to be affiliated with a leading member of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).
Police said further action would be taken based on the post-mortem report. TNN

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