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Golf Cart Dealer Talks Milton’s Slow & Easy Lifestyle | business news

MILTON, Ga. — If you’ve ever been on the road in any of the dozens of golf cart-friendly cities, you may have wondered, “Why would anyone choose to drive one on the street?”

They are slower than a car and are almost always open to the breeze. Worse still, your range while wearing one is about 50 miles before they need another charge or fill up.

But according to Robert Copenhaver, partner at Low Speed ​​Vehicles of Alpharetta, those are all reasons why you should consider a leisurely drive outside in the Milton community.

Robert Copenhaver, a partner at Low Speed ​​Vehicles of Alpharetta, sits behind the wheel of a new golf cart at the company’s headquarters in downtown Milton on December 9. Copenhaver started the business with a group of partners in May 2022.

Copenhaver opened LSV of Alpharetta as a licensed golf cart dealer with three partners in May 2022, in a building on Mayfield Road in downtown Milton. The 24-year-old entrepreneur recalls the idea going back to his parents’ garage and a side hustle during college.

Growing up in Roswell, Copenhaver started and ran a successful landscaping business for several years until his company was acquired by a larger company in 2019.

“But while I was doing that, I would rush out and sell golf carts out of my parents’ garage,” he said. “It was super random, I’d buy one and then I’d fix it up, make it look good, and then I’d sell it.”

Copenhaver graduated from Kennesaw State University around the same time he sold his landscaping business, and was left with one big question: ‘What would he do next?’

Milton marks on PTV regulations

For about a year and a half, he worked for a developer in Florida, and while there, he made a connection with his initial partner, John Gaston, who owns a building in downtown Milton. Before long, he was introduced to two other partners with existing connections to the EZ-GO golf cart maker, who saw in him a viable business that could thrive in Milton.

“It was three local partners in the Milton area,” he said. “They said, ‘We have a connection to EZ-GO, you know how to sell the cars… and here we are today.’

With those opportunities and connections, they quickly set up shop in Gaston’s Milton Building. Copenhaver said Milton is one of the most golf cart-friendly cities they could have chosen for the business.

When they opened, Copenhaver said it was like the floodgates had opened and demand skyrocketed. He thinks that’s mostly because of the golf cart ordinance that Milton city officials passed in 2020 and the fact that there really isn’t another golf cart dealer nearby.

Alpharetta Low Speed ​​Vehicles

At Low Speed ​​Vehicles of Alpharetta, located on Mayfield Road, people can purchase a method of transportation that is simple, flexible and perfect for commuting in the community, says company co-founder Robert Copenhaver.

“It just made sense to make our base of operations here,” he said. “Milton golf cart friendly, they passed the ordinance about a year before we got here. So, we jumped into that.”

Word about LSV has spread mainly through word of mouth and social media, he said. But it also doesn’t hurt that they’re located on Mayfield Road, where traffic builds up near the roundabout on Heritage Walk in the afternoon, giving them a valuable spot to advertise their vehicles.

“We put golf carts out front, and everyone sees them,” he said. “It’s funny because when they come out of the roundabout, they’re going like 5 miles an hour, so they all slow down and look at our cars.”

To handle local demand for cars and the price of real estate space in the community, he said they opened with a “Tesla model”: They located their showroom in a prominent location in Milton and opened a 5,000-square-foot field service department in McFarland Parkway in Alpharetta.

Copenhaver said that if you had asked him 10 years ago, he would never have expected to go into this line of business, but he has always been amazed at how fun and interesting the golf cart business has been.

“It sounds super cheesy, but you are selling a lifestyle,” he said. “It’s an expensive item, but there’s a lot you can do with it and you can go anywhere.”

That lifestyle is one of LSV’s main selling points for those interested in buying a golf cart, but for Copenhaver, the appeal of low-speed vehicles comes down to having a simple and convenient method of getting around. the city that does not require maintenance or attention. .

“I think our whole society is moving towards the live-work-play model,” he said. “Everyone wants to live where they work and play…a lot of people don’t want to get their cars out, they don’t want to have trouble parking, they don’t want to drive around a parking pad in Avalon, they don’t want to fight traffic.

To view LSV of Alpharetta’s inventory and learn more about street legal golf carts, visit them at their Milton location at 850 Mayfield Road or online at lsvofalpharetta.com.

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