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Exclusive: Harshad Arora is not open to a relationship; he says ‘These things are distracting, right now all my focus is on work’

Harshad Arora, who broke up with Aparna Kumar in 2022 after four years of dating, has his priorities set. The actor wants to focus on his career and has no time for love. In an exclusive chat with ETimes TV, he made it very clear that he doesn’t have time for a relationship right now and feels these things are distracting.
“Personal life, nothing is happening at the moment. Just the show is happening. I am totally focused and very happily dedicated to the Ghum. There is nothing on my mind, I am absolutely free and all my energies are focused on Ghum at the moment. As I said before that I am very happy to bag the show. I am looking forward to it and every day I look for new things that I can incorporate into my character. Like today I have a break and I am already thinking tomorrow what I am going to do. What new things can I bring that they can make the show even more interesting. I’m 100 percent drawn to the show right now. I’m not in any relationship right now. I don’t have time for love right now,” the actor said.

The handsome actor further spoke about how he feels that love or being in a relationship can distract him: “I feel like you just can’t focus. Right now I have all my attention diverted to the project and I feel like these things are distracting.” “I also believe that everything has its time and phase. Right now I am in a phase where I want to grow and do my best and achieve my best. I am fully motivated and looking forward to great things in life and focused towards my career.” . Harshad added.

Asked if their breakup is one of the reasons, he said: “Well, psychologically that doesn’t really matter. I think these things happen when they’re supposed to. You can’t really plan for it. “Don’t overthink or decide or plan things. in which I am going to have a relationship this year. I don’t get into those things. It should be organic and if these things happen, great, otherwise that’s fine too. You prefer to focus on something you have control over. This is in my control and I’m completely into the show right now.”

Harshad Arora made a stunning entrance in Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin as Satya Adhikari and fans are already smitten with Ayesha Singh and her partner.

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