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Ethical communication at all levels is a must: Nvard Melkonyan

To recognize and honor the contribution of women leaders in the relentless pursuit of excellence in PR and corporate communication, exchange4media PR & Corp Comm launched the Women Achievers Awards in 2020. The third edition of the awards in 2022 recognized and congratulated the leading women who have shaped the industry through their incredible work.

The awards recognized women who not only achieved significant career milestones, but also brought about dynamic change in the public relations and corporate communications industry.

In this series, we feature some of the women leaders who were congratulated at the event. Today we are featuring Nvard Melkonyan, Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board of Armenia-based SPRING PR. Known as one of the pioneers in the development of public relations institutions in Armenia, she developed public relations professional standards for Armenia and in November 2011, after long negotiations, public relations was registered as a profession and added to a list official professions by decree of the Government of Armenia.


Congratulations on winning the e4m PR & Corp Comm Women Achievers Awards 2022. How are you feeling?

It was a great honor and, at the same time, a great responsibility for me, since the recognition comes from the international public relations community. When you work only within the framework of your country, you focus on the responsibility assumed by your compatriots. When your international colleagues value your ideas, it doubles, even triples.

This award is one of the most important evaluations of the work that I have had in my professional career. It is an important stimulus to continue my work in the academic field, preparing a new generation of professionals and fulfilling essential projects in the professional field.

What inspires you in your journey and endeavors?

What inspires me the most in my life are people with their similarities and differences. People all over the world share the same emotions and feelings, making them similar but unique in their special expressions. They encourage you to do your job, move forward, and bring new values ​​and approaches to the world.

I can’t stop mentioning my team․ Most of the team members are my students, whose successes are a great inspiration to me. The most pleasant moment is when together you become more skilled and competitive at an international level.

How have you witnessed the change and evolution of the corporate communications and public relations industry over the years? What global practices would you see implemented in India?

In recent years, public relations have undergone rapid changes due to the development of communication channels and the formation of new platforms and their peculiarities. If, at the end of the 20th century, strategic thinking and creativity were at the center of the skills required by public relations professionals, recognizing social media platforms and following their analyses, being able to work in a virtual society and being effective, audible, visible, and perceptible in various information are essential today. Now you have to be more flexible to use each medium appropriately to reach your audience. For example, when working with the newly formed social media platforms like TikTok, one must keep it short and produce creative and engaging content. When it comes to change, AI is poised to revolutionize the public relations landscape for the next decade. Therefore, today’s specialists should consider including AI solutions in their workflows to remain competitive.

Tell us about your most valuable industry learning. Where do you see the public relations and communications industry in the coming days?

The most important thing I have experienced in the field is the need for ethical communication at all levels: in relationships with partners, the community, and the whole of society. This approach emphasizes their professional quality and, in many cases, acts as a preventative tool that steers professionals away from misinformation and manipulation. For this reason, my company and I attach great importance to a clear, precise, truthful and responsible attitude in communications.

What would be your message for the future generation of professionals?

The most crucial message, the advice (if we can call it that), is that young professionals taking their first steps in the industry must love their profession and fulfill their mission. Today, in a short period, communication can turn into very serious processes, be it a crisis or a success. When professionals realize the need for ethical communication in this dramatically changing world, they can be successful in their professional paths.

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