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Entrepreneurial success comes from thinking inside the box for TAXIBOX founder

At first glance, the world of storage solutions may not seem particularly exciting or an industry with room for innovation, but for Ben Cohn, CEO of TAXIBOX, a simple idea to address a common problem led to significant commercial success.

“Traditional market storage creates inconvenience for the customer: rent a truck and get your belongings from A to B,” Cohn tells us.

“TAXIBOX solves this without creating more complications for the problem: the storage is delivered directly to the customer, he packs up at his own pace and delivers it again when he needs his belongings returned. Simple problem, simple solution.”

Since its launch in 2010, TAXIBOX has helped thousands of customers access smart storage solutions that meet their needs. They’ve also partnered with some of the biggest nonprofit organizations to help keep things moving, including OzHarvest, the Australian Red Cross, and the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

“We have had the opportunity to be very creative and innovative and create an incredible brand. That has been extremely rewarding,” says Cohn.

Taking advantage of a vital gap in the market

A visit to the US highlighted an urgent gap in the Australian market for affordable and functional storage solutions.

“The idea arose after a trip to the United States. The storage market in the US is huge compared to Australia and mobile storage was just getting started. We run this model in Australia and have been very successful, disproportionate to what the mobile storage experience has been in the US. The difference in experience is that we created the category in Australia and compete directly with storage in terms of prices, while mobile storage companies in the US charge a premium for the delivery service,” advises Cohn.

Although there was a gap, Cohn admits there was still quite a bit of competition within the existing market from companies that had been offering storage for much longer. The answer? Improve customer service experiences with technological advances.

“Moving, renovating, and selling a home are some of life’s most stressful experiences. Because of this, we could see that the entire storage industry needed to upgrade to a less stressful experience by creating a customer-focused self-storage service,” says the founder.

“We had innovative ideas to transform the self-storage paradigm into a more customer-focused ‘mobile storage’ concept that appealed to consumers’ growing desire for on-demand access to products and services, convenience, and an incredible, transparent and easy solution. online experience.”

Big risks – big reward

Shifting the focus to the customer, their experience and their needs has helped TAXIBOX become a major player in the Australian storage industry, according to Cohn.

“Knowing your target market and what that audience is looking for allows you to take risks that will pay off as a business,” Ben explains.

“Our clients look for the personality we promote when they book with us, whether it’s in our emails, our online booking flow, or in a conversation with a TAXIBOX team member when they need a helping hand.

“Our customer journey is designed with that target market in mind, so there’s no need to look elsewhere for what they’re looking for.”

The TAXIBOX model offers an innovative technological solution that helps customers understand exactly what type and size of storage they will need. This helps them save time and money.

“Most customers find their storage reservation experience confusing and unclear, in terms of how much they’re going to pay and how much space they’re going to need,” explains Ben.

“Thanks to innovative technology and a user-friendly website experience, our customer journey is seamless, along with real people answering the phone when you need customer support. It’s what all customers look for when they need storage: transparency.”

All about the brand

Central to Ben from the start was a focus on delivering a complete, quality customer experience. Finding the right team has been crucial in building the TAXIBOX brand and reputation for providing exemplary customer service.

“True success comes from creating a great customer experience, which is made possible by an amazing team of humans behind the scenes who make it all happen,” says Cohn.

Investing in the customer journey in this way is not just a here-and-now benefit for Cohn, but he sees it as a vital component of future success.

“Reputable brands that are trusted generally weather the storm better than those that built a business by extracting margins and not treating their customers well,” advises Cohn.

“We believe that the goodwill built by our company helps protect it during difficult economic times.”

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