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Couple having an extramarital affair tied to a pole, beaten in Gujarat | Vadodara News

VADODARA: For the second consecutive day on Thursday, a crime of popular justice was reported in morva hadaf taluka in the Panchmahal district. The police have arrested four people.

The last crime was for an extramarital relationship and a couple was tied to a power pole and beaten. The incident took place in the Parabiya village of Morva Hadaf taluka on Monday.
Police on Wednesday registered a case in which a man was tied to a tree and beaten after his younger brother ran off with a girl. The incident had taken place in vadodar Taluka village on Monday.

In the latter case, Ashish baria (27) live in gajipur Taluka village alleged that he was tied to a power pole along with a woman with whom he had an extramarital affair and beaten by his in-laws. Baria is married and has three children. For the past two years, he had an extramarital affair with the 23-year-old woman.
Baria and the woman had eloped in May this year and gone to Ahmedabad. Baria’s brother-in-law called him recently and told him that a complaint had been filed at the women’s police station and that they had called Baria to take her statement.
Baria came to the village of Parabiya with her lover. Baria’s in-laws tied him and his mistress to a post and beat them to “teach them a lesson.” A video of the incident was also recorded and circulated on social media. Baria approached police on Thursday and a crime was recorded. Four defendants who are brothers of Baria’s wife were arrested in connection with the crime.

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