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Communicators make historic strides in C-suite impact, Business News

Nearly half (47%) of global respondents now report directly to the CEO

CHICAGO, January 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Cision, a comprehensive global media and consumer intelligence and communications platform, today released its Global Communications Report 2023: A Pivotal Moment in partnership with PRWeek, highlighting a general elevation of the role of strategic communicators within top executives around the world. world, with nearly half now reporting to the CEO. The sixth annual report examines the positioning of strategic communications professionals and describes feedback from 440 industry professionals in 10 countries on their performance and sentiment.


The report shows how the recent global COVID unrest, the Great Resignation, the war in Ukraine, and the racial justice movement, have accelerated the evolution of the relationship between CEOs and communications teams. Communications professionals are moving into the C-suite with nearly half (47%) now reporting directly to the CEO, a stark contrast to 2020, when 57% reported communications as part of marketing. Despite the challenges, 58% describe themselves as “optimistic” about where communications stands in relation to the C-suite going into 2023 in the US.

“The bar for strategic communications has been raised and the industry is ready to rise to the challenge. Communications teams must be able to demonstrate their value to organizations using data analytics, artificial intelligence and human expertise,” he said. Putney CloosCision Marketing Director.

“The numbers clearly show that the C-suite not only understands and respects the value of public relations as a business driver, but actually expects communications to be delivered like never before,” said Gideon Fidelzeid, PRWeek editorial director. “Of course, with great achievements come greater challenges and responsibilities, but I would bet on public relations and the brands they support to thrive in this new age of communication.”

Additional conclusions:

  • World growth: More than four times as many respondents say their teams are bigger compared to last year.
  • Bullish budgets: Nearly 68% of respondents report budget increases over last year and nearly 67% expect increases next year.
  • social media: Reliance on the earned (48%) and paid (47%) segments has increased the most year-over-year.
  • Content Challenge: Key tasks like aligning metrics with revenue (50%), turning data into actionable insights (50%), and over-reliance on media impressions (49%) are the top areas where respondents at a global level world continue to have difficulties.

Read the Global Communications Report 2023: A pivotal moment

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