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Chandrayaan-3 successfully completes third orbit raising maneuver: Isro | indian news

BENGALURU: isro Scientists completed another maneuver on Tuesday to raise Chandrayaan-3’s orbit further from Earth. Isro said: “The mission is scheduled. The third orbit elevation maneuver (perigee shot bound for Earth) is successful.”
However, the space agency did not disclose details about the current orbit the spacecraft was in or for how long the onboard thrusters were fired and other details. “The next shot is scheduled for July 20, 2023, between 2:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m.,” Isro said.
On Sunday, Isro completed a minor operation: firing the thrusters for about 42 seconds and positioning the spacecraft’s perigee (closest point to Earth). the maneuver was carried out.
Earlier, scientists completed the first ground-based altitude-boosting maneuver on Saturday and steered Chandrayaan-3 away from Earth on its 3.8 lakh-km journey to the Moon.
The operation was carried out to increase the apogee of Chandrayaan-3 (farthest point from Earth). It had started around 12.05pm as scheduled and lasted for 11 and a half minutes, as previously reported by TOI. After Saturday’s maneuver, “the spacecraft is now in an orbit of 41,762 km X 173 km,” Isro had said.
If all goes to plan, scientists will carry out two more operations around Earth, as previously reported by TOI, on July 20 and 25 to push the apogee to around 1 lakh-km before Isro tries to launch the spacecraft. space to the Moon, in between. night of July 31 and August 1.

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