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2023 will not be a quiet year for investors, as recession is likely to hit a third of the world this year. The global economy is said to be affected by the ongoing political scenarios, the rate of inflation, and the high interest rates imposed by banks. In such a situation, analyzing the market trend and knowing when and where to invest would be quite a difficult task.

However, with the latest technologies, it is possible to understand and get an idea of ​​the factors that drive the market. The scope of artificial intelligence is broader than specific sectors such as education, healthcare, and hospitality. Looking at a more complete picture, it can also be used to design trading algorithms using the most scientific methods. Large amounts of data coupled with the application of machine learning can help make smart trading decisions that are often overlooked with human-only trading strategies.

What role can Artificial Intelligence (AI) play in the transformation of the financial industry?

We humans have limited potential when it comes to keeping up with the volumes of data being generated in the financial markets. Thanks to research and technological advances that come to the rescue of human traders. Accuracy is crucial in the world of trading, and technology is the only way we can quickly sift through millions of data points looking for patterns and trends that a human wouldn’t be able to detect.

The idea of ​​emotional bias is completely eliminated when the process is carried out in real time using the relevant technology. AI-based algorithms are unbiased and can be refined to respond to changing market trends, potentially leading to better returns for investors.

This does not mean that AI can replace human traders. Financial institutions can improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their business operations by fusing the analytical prowess of AI with the imagination and intuition of human traders.

Discovering the relevance of machine learning (AI) to revolutionize portfolio management

Investors are slowly turning to machine learning to make sound decisions about their asset allocation. Machine learning algorithms can analyze and process huge volumes of data quickly and correctly, giving investment experts a more complete understanding of the market and allowing them to see trends and patterns that may not be obvious to the naked eye. ML designs predictive models that use historical data to predict future markets.

For example, based on many variables, including corporate profitability, economic data, and market sentiment, a machine learning model can be trained to forecast the direction of stock prices. Investment professionals can increase portfolio performance by using these predictive models to make better decisions about which stocks to buy or sell.

Machine learning can also help investors optimize their portfolio construction by finding the optimal mix of assets that will maximize returns. However, each technology has its own limitations, just like ML. Investors’ overreliance on machine learning can cause them to lose their ability to make informed decisions. Therefore, it is important that human traders use machine learning as a supplement to and not a replacement for their own research.

How is STARFETCH changing the B2B AI business solution through MAMMON AI?

MAMMON AI is a cutting-edge fintech solution that combines the latest scientific methods in quantitative finance, machine learning, and behavioral finance to provide tailored investment options for banks, asset managers, and brokers. Using MAMMON AI, STARFETCH clients can quickly process vast amounts of data and make intelligent business decisions in real time, giving them a competitive advantage over traditional human-based techniques. With a diverse collection of algorithms covering various financial derivatives including FOREX, Indices, Stocks, and Cryptocurrencies, MAMMON AI is a flexible and adaptable solution for all types of financial players. Using STARFETCH’s trading algorithms, banks, brokers and asset managers can customize MAMMON AI to meet their individual investment objectives.

How is STARFETCH changing the financial landscape and empowering investors through AI-based technology?

The risk of interest rate shocks and volatility is increasing along with persistent financial market uncertainty and distortion caused by excessive debt levels. The STARFETCH team is made up of financial experts, software engineers, physicists, and mathematicians who have spent years studying and creating state-of-the-art methods for forecasting volatility and time series data.

STARFETCH’s algorithms, powered by machine learning, are designed to adapt to different market conditions, allowing them to react quickly to changes in the market and protect their clients from potential risks. The firm is using technology the right way to help its clients achieve their investment goals, positioning itself at the intersection of economics, behavioral finance, data, and technology.

In a complex market scenario, companies like these are a boon for investors. The Swiss-based company specializes in the research and development of artificial intelligence-based trading algorithms. With the goal of empowering investors, STARFETCH uses AI and machine learning, quantitative analysis, and behavioral finance to develop the best trading algorithms available today. STARFETCH’s AI-based AMC (Actively Managed Certificate) offers investors the potential to earn high returns with the help of trading algorithms and capitalizing on market trends.

Actively managed certificates (AMCs) combine the features of standard certificates of deposit (CDs) with the investment techniques of actively managed funds. AMCs are issued by banks and other financial organizations and give investors the option to earn higher returns on their investments through professional asset management. AMCs have the potential to earn higher returns than standard CDs, which is one of their main benefits. Because they are actively managed, AMCs are able to capitalize on market opportunities and generate returns that may not be achievable with a conventional CD. This could be particularly attractive to people who are looking for a higher-yielding investment option but are unwilling to take the risk that stocks and other more aggressive investments entail.

Swiss fintech firm STARFETCH introduces its first AI-based actively managed certificate: STARFETCH AI AMC. It combines industry expertise and years of highly-skilled staff experience with the latest technological advances in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data analytics to maximize market potential.

International banks and asset management organizations use STARFETCH’s trading algorithms powered by artificial intelligence. STARFETCH takes advantage of the most modern and up-to-date scientific methodologies to design the most effective algorithms to maximize profits. This comprises an innovative mix of quantitative finance, machine learning, and behavioral finance.

STARFETCH allows all investors to invest in innovative technology and potentially reap the rewards. Actively managed by a team of experts, AMC is listed on SIX, the Swiss stock exchange, and serves a wide range of investors, including individual retail investors and large institutional clients.

Challenging the status quo

It is challenging to identify (meta)trends through manual paperwork and human tactics (alone) at a time when financial markets are subject to instability, uncertainty and distortion. The advanced trading algorithms used by STARFETCH AI AMC allow you to study many data sets simultaneously. This helps algorithms understand both short-term and long-term patterns, and since they are constantly making trading decisions in real time, they can also foresee immediate possibilities.

STARFETCH AI AMC is actively operated and managed by a committed group of financial specialists, physicists, mathematicians and software engineers with experience working with large financial institutions. The AMC can adapt to changing market circumstances and improve its trading methods thanks to this technology. The best of two worlds came together to guarantee the possibility of big wins.

What are AMCs and how do they benefit investors?

In an unstable market, AMCs offer investors a fixed rate of return and a fixed maturity date, which can give investors a sense of stability and predictability. Professional portfolio managers actively select and trade the securities that comprise AMC’s portfolio in an effort to optimize returns. AMC comes with the potential for higher returns and professional management compared to traditional CDs; however, its administration fee is higher, which investors should consider before making any decisions.

The way forward: AI-based trading combined with human intelligence

The world of finance, dictated by numbers and data, has the ability to go up and down financially like a seesaw. With AI, investors can say goodbye to emotional trading, which happens to be one of the main reasons online traders lose money in the long run.

Investors must make informed decisions and put their financial knowledge to work to move up the ladder. AI-based trading algorithms and machine learning are resource investments that investors can make to build a strong financial portfolio and take advantage of the market.

It’s time for investors to trade full time autonomously and access an unlimited number of markets, for which AI is the way! However, AI is highly unlikely to replace humans in financial trading. Not to mention, these algorithms are created by humans, without which an AI robot cannot function.

Although the use of artificial intelligence will certainly make people’s lives even more comfortable in the coming years and may even force people to improve their skills, such computers are unlikely to be able to completely replace people as resource. In fact, the best method to automate trading is to combine human intelligence with artificial intelligence.

Fintech companies like STARFETCH have made life easier by incorporating AI into trading mechanisms. It has not only helped reduce the chances of human error, but it has also inspired potential investors to try their luck in the market. The company is ready to renew the investment landscape by bridging the gap between finance, data and technology. In the midst of such scientific and research developments, investors are advised to take advantage of such services and at the same time trust their own stock market analysis.

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