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Business News | How CynoHub is changing the skills development landscape in India

New Delhi [India], Jan 24 (ANI/PNN) — India is the world leader when it comes to producing engineers, with around 15 million engineers graduating every year from thousands of institutions across the country. We as a nation produce more engineers than the United States and China combined.

Although you could say that these numbers are nothing more than arrogance because if you look deep enough you will notice some really worrying statistics, out of the millions of engineering students that India produces every year, only 20 per cent are employable. How is the system failing the other 80 percent? Is it your own inefficiency or are there other underlying issues?

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There are many underlying problems with engineering institutions and the quality of the engineers who graduate from these institutions each year. Various expert groups and government institutions have been working on finding a solution to this problem for decades, but without success. Various reactionary measures were taken whenever the numbers became too worrisome, such as halting new licenses issued to engineering schools and placing limits on the number of admissions, but do these measures really help?

Before one begins to discuss solutions one has to understand what the problem is, the underlying problem is not with the students but with the teachers employed to teach them. There is a massive shortage of experienced and well-qualified professors who are passionate about teaching in the vast majority of Indian universities, this is the problem that CynoHub has been successfully solving at a rapid pace and the numbers speak for themselves.

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CynoHub has been delivering curriculum oriented academic content to more than 2 lakh students across India steadily for almost a decade. Students swear by his concise and conceptual lecture videos in which top class professors from across India teach complex engineering concepts using simple and practical teaching methodologies which they say is a “blessing in disguise” and “not just a substitute for classroom teaching but exponentially better.

The founders, Dheeraj Allamaneni and Vamshi Krishna have understood what it means to teach engineering and have devised unique practical learning methodologies that help students not only learn the concepts but also implement them in their daily lives. This change is causing ripples in students’ education span, where everyday concepts are solidified in their memory, resulting in more capable and industry-ready engineers who are ready to place themselves in the industry.

“As one of the few companies to focus on the root cause of Indian engineering education, CynoHub will be the unicorn that brings about drastic change for over 15 million engineering students, resulting in a very different India.” and trained in the next 5 years.

They seem to have cracked the code that the biggest players in the world of edtech have been racking their brains to crack. Having established themselves as a giant in the world of engineering education technology, they are now trying to solve the problems faced by students beyond graduation by offering them a variety of skill building courses like Full Stack Development, Robotics, GRE /IELTS and many more, which help students develop their skill set and prepare them for the market.

It’s remarkable that in such a short time, CynoHub has managed to make a name for itself in the skills development industry with thousands of students flocking to its Full Stack Development program, which is changing the landscape by training students who don’t have IT or technology experience. helping them learn industry skills and helping them get a job all over the world with Fortune 500 companies and unicorns. These skilled developers now earn more than 7 lakhs per year and more, these kinds of salaries are not uncommon in the tech industry and research indicates that these packages could only increase in the future.

With a wide variety of impressive cohorts, they appear to be one of the few edtech startups that are not only immune to the industry downturn, but are also riding against the grain and showing massive month-over-month growth, those who have watched its progress closely I would go so far as to say that CynoHub would be the last to enter the list of unicorns in the Indian edtech space.

One would argue that things are often going in the right direction for organizations that strive to solve problems and make that their mission statement instead of chasing unrealistic valuations and capital injections.

For more information: https://www.cynohub.com/

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