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BJP Alleges Two Tribal Women Were Stripped And Tortured In West Bengal; accuses police and CM of inaction | Kolkata News

NEW DELHI: Two tribal women were stripped naked and tortured a few days ago in West Bengal, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) alleged on Saturday.

The BJP also claimed that the police remained a mute bystander.
“The horror continues in West Bengal. Two tribal women were stripped naked, tortured and mercilessly beaten, while police stood mute onlookers in the Pakua Hat area of ​​Bamangola Police Station, Malda,” the head of BJP’s IT department said. Amit Malviya he said in a twitter post.

Malviya claimed that the incident took place in Malda on July 19, with a “frantic crowd howling for his blood”.
He also posted a video with blurred images of the crime.

“It had all the appearance of a tragedy that should have ‘broken’ Mamata Banerjee’s heart and she, instead of just being outraged, could have acted as she is also the Home Minister of Bengal… But she chose to do nothing,” Malvia added in a tweet.
Opposition parties have been targeting the BJP over the incident of two women parading naked in ethnic violence-battered Manipur, where it is in power.
Criticizing Banerjee, Malviya said that he chose to do nothing in the case. “She also did not condemn barbarism or express pain and anguish because she would have exposed her own failure as chief minister,” she said.

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