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A 24-year-old finance YouTuber told his followers they should be able to easily afford a $200,000 car: ‘Literally pocket change’

  • finance youtuber Sebastian Ghiorghiu went viral after sharing a controversial opinion about money.
  • Ghiorghiu said that people should be able to afford a $200,000 Lamborghini at 20 years old.

A YouTuber who specializes in business and financial advice has caused a stir after a clip of him suggesting that people in their 20s should be able to afford a $200,000 car made the rounds on Twitter and TikTok.

On January 22, a passing Twitter user @SaeedDiCaprio shared the clip in a tweet that read, “bro these people can’t be real.”

In the 23-second video, a 24-year-old YouTuber from Arizona named Sebastian Ghiorghiu said, “If you’re a 20-year-old man and you don’t have a Lamborghini, you should sit down and have a serious conversation.” He argues with himself about why he doesn’t have a Lambo.”

He added that it is “incredibly easy” as there is “a lot of money out there” and described $200,000 as “silly change”. Base prices for Lamborghini models ranged from $200,000 to £577,000 in 2022, according to automotive publication Motor1.

The tweet received more than 9.2 million views and more than 2,600 dating tweets and sparked a heated debate. Many viewers suggested that his comments were betrayed. a privilege level unreachable for most peoplewhile others defended his commentssaying the amount it is relatively small compared to total wealth in the United States.

The clip appears to have been taken from a longer version shared on Ghiorghiu’s TikTok account on January 13, where he could be heard saying: “People will say I’m out of touch with reality and they can suck it up, because it’s not TRUE”. .”

He continued: “I’ve seen a lot now and I’m like, OK, so $200,000 is literally pocket change.”

The video was viewed 2.3 million times and received more than 3,600 comments, some of which suggested they thought he received financial help from his parents to pay for the luxury car.

@officialsebghiorghiu The hard truth you need to hear. #sebastianghiorghiu #sebastianghiorgiu #money #entrepreneur #success #smma #ecom #ecommerce #officialsebghiorghu #matrix #masculinity ♬ probably my creepiest (fastest) pace – prodby668

On January 23, Ghiorghiu shared a post on his Instagram account, where he has 115,000 followers, that showed him posing in front of a Lamborghini, along with an older photo that appeared to show him working at a fast food restaurant with the caption: ” If my dad had paid for the lambo, he never would have worked at Taco Bell. God bless you all.”

A post shared by Sebastian Ghiorghiu (@sebb)

The same day, Ghiorghiu tweeted a smiley face along with screenshots showing different social media posts about the clip. in a follow up tweet in the same thread he wrote: “People would pay 100k for this type of promotion.”

Ghiorghiu has more than 830,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel, where he regularly uploads videos on the topic of making money. In her most popular videos, which have received more than 2 million views each, Ghiorghiu said she succeeded in 34 days after launching an online business, turning $300 into $100,000 and going from $1,000 to eight millions.

His YouTube description says Ghiorghiu’s parents “immigrated to this country when they were teenagers” and he grew up on “very low income” and now has a “personal agenda” to place himself and his family on a “completely different from wealth and education”.

Ghiorghiu did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.

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